How did Phillip Lindsay defy the NFL odds in Denver?

on Sep 23, 2018 |

Phillip Lindsey was just an un-drafted rookie from Colorado making big moves and the NFL has been watching. In the last two games, Lindsey has had 179 rushing yards on 29 carries. He also has had 35 receiving yards and one touchdown. Despite Lindsey’s small stature, he remains to be a great representation of balance and what is expected of these players. Big things come in small packages and Lindsey will be taking positions as a starter for the Broncos with his continued hard work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite being undrafted, Denver Broncos rookie Phillip Lindsay from Colorado University has been impressive in his short time with the team.
  • Lindsay has proven to be an impressive snapper, and has the third highest rushing yard count in the NFL this year.
  • While the 190-lb Lindsay is on the small side for his position, his fantastic core strength and balance more than make up for it.

“What’s been most impressive with Lindsay is his durability, conditioning, balance, and work ethic.”

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