Dodgers’ Division, Wild Card Betting Odds: Will LA Make The 2018 NL Postseason?

on Sep 16, 2018 |

There is never a clear bet to make when looking at baseball. Each and every game is a toss up and it is difficult to determine who will have an edge on any given night. For baseball, pitching is of the utmost importance to the team who is looking to win. If you have an ace pitcher, your odds of winning are so much higher. For this particular year, the Dodgers look the strongest but it is anyone’s title.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is very difficult to determine who is going to win the MLB final championship this year.
  • The MLB is completely wide open in terms of who still has a chance to win it all.
  • The New York Yankees are consistently one of the top contenders to win everything every year.

“The Dodgers also have the second-best odds (3/1) to win the National League pennant, trailing just the Chicago Cubs (11/4). The Dodgers even have the fourth-best odds (15/2) of winning the World Series.”

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